Limb Anatomy Tutor is a flashcard emulation web app designed to increase retention and understanding of limb anatomy. Registration is free and users may engage in three modes of play: flash card creation, flash card review, and quiz mode. New users start here !


Build your flash card collection by completing queries from multiple body regions. Each query demonstrates a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship between structures. There is no penalty for getting a query wrong and you may complete a card as many times as needed.


Review cards you have completed. Instead of creating the association between structures for a particular query, you can immediately reveal the completed relationship giving you the full experience of a flash card collection.


Completed your card collection? Try quiz mode where the body region and query are randomly selected for you. You may skip queries you don't know but for those you attempt, your score will be maintained for that session to give you a sense of how well you have mastered your completed cards.